Blue Cheese…..

August 3, 2009

I’ve always avoided Blue Cheese. The thought of it turned my stomach, the smell is off-putting…the idea of actually eating cheese with mold spores? Who thought that it would be tasty? I’ve heard many arguments for and against it but recently I had yet another conversation with a colleague about cheese in general. About our likes/dislikes and how I prefer hard cheeses to soft cheeses, and I prefer strength and bitey and she suggested I really consider giving a blue a go because they offer intensity in flavour.

I must admit at a very basic level I was convinced the likelihood of me trying this cheese was really low, I’m not going to buy a whole block of cheese on the off chance I like it? what if I don’t? I’m not in to money wastage – especially not in this “Go Find Chickens” that we currently find ourselves in – not in the uncertainty of my current employment status. And, for the most part I don’t find myself confronted with cheese platters with this cheese option. Yea people do a soft and a hard cheese usually but a blue? not in my experience. However, today I was at a conference and low and behold there was a blue.

I reflected upon my conversation with my colleague as I looked at the cheese. There was a beautiful hard cheese….gorgeous strength and tang YUM! But, Ive been saying I’ll challenge myself and stretch my pallet try new things so I sliced, popped it on my plate and off I went.

First step, biting into the cheese alone and unaccompanied….mmmm not too sure not terrible but not great. Placed on a cracker to offer some contrast? Same thought not terrible not great. So reflection….I’ve had worse cheese, and I probably would choose it over a soft but over a hard? no way! will I try it again? sure why not, especially one made from goat or ewe instead of cow. I’m glad I gave it a go, but yea I don’t think I’ll be running out to the shop to buy it!

Early days….but I was proud of myself to sticking to the “try it” philosophy!


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