Cheese experiences

August 16, 2009

As with my previous entry, I’m trying to expand my cheese repertoire. Not quickly, not in any odd way I’ve had all the standards and normals that one can find readily available at their local supermarkets. Not always the finest quality but it gives you the idea doesn’t it? I know I’m really a hard cheese girl.

It’s a texture thing I think, I’m like that with a lot of things. I like my porridge to be what people consider “stodgy” I don’t want it runny and mushy that’s bad! and so it goes with my cheeses. Firm hard cheese makes me happy.

Having said that, I came across what I believed to be a divine sounding pasta recipe which incorporates goat’s cheese. Now, from my experience (looking only) goat’s cheese has been a bit of soft cheese. Now I know that one can find firm goats cheeses. Or semi firm (feta would be a good example) but having said that, commonly in my experience it’s been a soft cheese.

So, ergo my avoidance has not been due to the fact that I think to myself “gosh goat….ewww” but more due to texture. However, on discovery of said recipe I decided I needed to give this cheese a go. Now I’ve not gone gun-ho and made the pasta – that will come later. But, I did head out and buy myself a goat’s cheese. I was visiting with family who are cheese lovers so I figured it was safe to get a cheese that perhaps I would not enjoy because I felt secure in the belief that if I didn’t eat it they certainly would.

And…I liked it! Texture remains a bit of an issue of course, but flavour…..good! so watch this space that pasta recipe will certainly be on its way!


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