Cunning & Devious plan

September 16, 2009

I was perusing the world of food blogs as I do on a not so rare occasion and I came across what I thought was a spectacular idea utilised by Cream Puffs in Venice. I was immediately drawn to the idea, I think it’s pretty spectacular really. Like most avid food lovers I have a motley collection of cookbooks, unlike some however mine is not quite as extensive. I am sad to say I only own 18 cookbooks (not counting various kitchen appliance recipe books of course!)

Now this is not because I don’t want more, my goodness my amazon wishlist is filled with them it is just that I often feel as though I do not use the ones I have to their full potential. Except for the one purchased most recently I think I can say with certainty that I have cooked at least 1 thing from all of my books – quite an achievement I feel! I try and curb my cookbook purchases. I will, without fail, go into a bookstore and pick up a cookbook, I shall then walk around with it thinking of all the things I could make from inside its pages and then with great restraint I put said cookbook down and walk away! I need to use what I have before I add to it – or at least this is what I tell myself.

I have many, many, many recipes printed, bookmarked written on scrap pieces of paper and put into folders that can keep me entertained for months, perhaps even years to come. The thing is these are not quite as satisfying as a good recipe book! So now I have devised a cunning and devious plan that I will have to make the Husband privy to at some point I suppose. And, I’m utilising Cream Puffs idea to achieve this plan.

So now each month (starting in October) I will (as long as all goes to plan) have my own Flavour of the Month and cook once a week at a minimum from 1 of my cookbooks. Once I’ve achieved this, I will reward myself with……the purchase of a new cookbook! Now some months I will continue to hold my restraint and not make said purchase but the option will be there, I can allow myself that guilty purchase if I am so inclined. And, that knowledge makes me feel all happy on the inside.


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