…boringness of it all?

September 19, 2009

So for dinner last night I was reminded of how the Husband despite all his wonderful ways is actually rather….boring when it comes to his food choices. He can’t help it entirely but he is a product of his environment in a lot of ways. His parents are very much a meat, vege and potato sort. So when asked what he felt like for dinner last night, the Husband responded with delight: sausages and chips please.

Sausage and chips?! Really? He could have anything (within reason of course) and his only request was sausage and chips? *sigh* of course I’m sure I could find a way to dress this up a little, but I was hoping for something more challenging. And actually, the Husband didn’t want me to do anything with it, the addition of green beans was frowned upon in fact. He wanted plain pork sausages with plain chips. No accompanists added by me, a condiment (BBQ Sauce) added by him once served but that’s it – plain and simple.

But then after begrudgingly making this for his dinner (I created myself a ragu-esk dish) I realised who am I to talk? My favourite breakfast = porridge; my favourite fruit = apple and my favourite dessert = anything with apple in it…I too have “simple” tastes at times. And, really there isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s that basic/simple food that is often the food of comfort for a person, and looking back over the Husband’s week I realised that it actually has been rather stressful for him – so wouldn’t he naturally gravitate towards such a comfort like dish? A nice reminder for me that often what people crave is related to how they’re feeling!

On a different note I have decided what October’s Flavour of the Month will be, it of course has to be my most recently purchased cookbook Traditional South African Cooking I have been perusing and have many an idea of what I want to make from it, and am looking forward to October very much.


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