Tomato Bredie

November 1, 2009

I know that since it is now the 1st of November we require a new Flavour of the Month however, I have one last instalment from Octobers Flavour of the Month Traditional South African Cooking

This was a late entrant, only created last night for dinner with MIL & FIL prior to watching the abysmal effort by the Wallabies against the All Blacks. Ok, in fairness it wasn’t the worst I’d seen them play of late. But, they are starting to create a pattern here of loosing and whilst I am and forever will be a Wallaby supporter, it is difficult to have faith and energy in your support after consecutive loses! Anyway, that’s another story and entirely un-food related!

So, this last instalment was a Tomato Bredie! For all intents and purposes is a Cape Malay stew made of meat and vegetables and cooked very slowly to allow the flavour of all the ingredients to “merge” fully, of which there are many varieties. Well traditionally they all contain lamb but the variety of vegetables is endless. I chose this version of the Bredie simply because of who I was feeding!

I’m not sure that I’ve outlined this in its entirety previously, though I do know I have made reference to it in the past. When providing a fair for MIL & FIL one has to be careful what one chooses! We can’t get to adventurous else there wouldn’t be protest (they’re far too polite…they’d just eat what I gave them) but there wouldn’t be enjoyment. The most important thing for me to remember at all times is that FIL does not like onions or garlic! Now I don’t know about anyone reading this but these 2 ingredients are staples in my kitchen, most things I make for dinner have these in them. I can adapt and go without but my default reaction to this is always to cringe! Imagine a lasagne without these!!!

So I chose this because it had meant (and lamb – which they’re very fond of) and potato and I served it with beans and peas (despite the recipe calling for serving with rice) and I felt I achieved the requirements of meat and vegetables! Now of course due to the aforementioned aversion to onion and garlic the recipe was adapted to omit these, I just increased slightly the amount of thyme and marjoram added to the recipe to give it a little bit more depth of flavour. It was really quite nice; the herbs didn’t over power the flavour of the lamb, which was beautifully tender. I will have to try the original non-adapted recipe some day.

Tomato Bredie

25ml Sunflower oil
2 large onions (omitted this time)
1 clove of garlic (omitted this time)
1kg lamb, cubed
10ml salt
Milled pepper
A little bit of stock
500g potatoes, sliced into large chunks
1kg medium tomato, chopped (or 2 tin of tomato)
5ml white sugar
2ml dried thyme
5ml chopped marjoram

Heat the oil, and brown the meat quickly on all sides. Add the salt, pepper, thyme and a little stock and simmer covered for approximately 1.5-2hrs, or until the meat starts to get tender. Add the potatoes, tomatoes, sugar and marjoram, and stew for a further hour. Serve.

(if using onions and garlic – sauté these prior to the meat and then add the meat to this)

So ends October’s Flavour of the Month I have enjoyed cooking from this book immensely and will definitely continue as I didn’t get everything done I wanted. Not surprising really considering how many recipes are actually found within!

I have chosen November’s already and began to page mark recipes, and will begin tonight even! November’s choice is:1000 best-ever recipes from AWW


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