January 13, 2010

I am feeling slightly kitchen deprived. I have had the 365 day challenge to occupy me somewhat but not enough. Now that I have “diagnosis” and a plan of attack to not treat my knee as though it is injured perhaps I can start up again? but on the flip side I’ve got 36 days until I head overseas and one should really be food conscious before going away because of the extra weight one will gain whilst away! Especially in light of the fact that I intend to tick off as many of these as possible!

To pass some time right now, when I should be at the gym and yet aren’t due to said injury I thought I’d do a meme entry – why not hey?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Obviously this is only based on limited knowledge/experience/understanding of what it would actually be like, but the Scottish Highlands ideally, but Scotland in general would be great for me. Some people find cold/wet/snowy weather miserable. Me? not at all, I thrive on it, the longer it lasts the happier and more content I feel. It’s refreshing to me, having said that I do live in Sunny Queensland, and experience a lot of sunshine – much to my chagrin but this is where I live, and I wouldn’t move really, I like being near the Clan, I’d miss them, and if my mother would just hurry up and move over, all would be good in the world!

Which cuisine (don’t say “desserts”!) fascinates you the most and why?
I’m fascinated by them all for different reasons, mostly to do with the interesting and bold ways flavours and textures are mixed together in different cuisines in ways that I as a person influenced heavily by her British Grandmother would think was right/normal/would work. I love seeing and trying different ways people work with different foods.

Celebrity chefs – a godsend or completely overrated?
Ahhh well, I guess it depends on what you hope to get from them. A revival in people cooking again? then a godsend, a plethora of people who just want to dine out in these peoples restaurants then overrated!

Dinner of a life-time… what would it be?
Simple – Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding with all the trimmings and Apple Pie and Custard for dessert. It’s a simple dish, and one that I always love to eat. ALWAYS! it would be my deathrow meal! I food don’t get me wrong, and if anyone asked I’d say Italian food is my “go to” comfort food, but this dish would and always is the perfect thing at the end of a day!

Apart from dessert, what do you take the most enjoyment out in life?
Honestly? I’d love to say just baking/cooking (since this is a blog about that) as it is something I love an enjoy and I use it extensively to make myself feel better, and to show people that I care about them. I’d also like to just say the Husband, and the wonderful pure love I feel from him each day, the way he can calm me down in a storm of emotions simply by being him and his stable self. But, I also love the work I do (at the moment anyway, perhaps I’ll burn out one day and stop) I am a social worker, and I do it because I love it, not because of any monetary benefit, not because of any recognition, but purely because I like to help people! At a basic level that is what it boils down too, whatever way it is that I’m helping them, small or large, if it helps that person in their space then I feel that warm fuzzy feeling and so I guess perhaps I don’t do it just for them? because I do get something out of it yes? but these 3 things are what keep me going, each day, what give me a purpose and a direction.


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