Creating food means many things to me. It is often the way I express a depth of feeling: for people or situations. I can’t write someone a song, or paint them a picture, build or sew them anything but I can cook/bake. Paramount to my creation of food though is the expression of how I feel in a given moment, it’s about my self care – I don’t know of many situations that I can’t feel better about if I just take a step back and create food.

I intend for this to be a way for me to link my self care to my cooking/baking a little more solidly, to be reflective about what I made in those situations and why. But, also for a bit of fun! I want to use my weekends more regularly as “try something new” time – it’s so easy to get caught up with the day to day world that you stay in your “comfort zone” so to speak with food. You have a tried and true pattern and you miss out on a world of options. I have a growing collection of cookbooks and yet I often find that all I do is peruse and sticky-note the recipes I want to try but never get there. So it’s time I get there! So selfishly this blog is mostly for me, and for my purposes. Though of course if people one day stumble upon it and enjoy it – welcome!

I don’t profess any great and astounding talents in relation to my cooking abilities, and indeed it’s a constant battle with my oven to get things to come out “right”. I do make mistakes, things will come out inedible at times but I’ll be using this blog to learn on a variety of different levels, so my successes and my failures will be documented and explored because how else will I learn?

It is my hope that I’ll be able to utilise the wonderful photography skills of my talented husband, but at times I am sure I will have to fall back on my not-so-skilled skills, to show off my creations!

Welcome to the world blog: August 1 – 2009


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