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No picture but…..

November 8, 2009

From this months Flavour of the Month
1000 best-ever recipes from AWW I made myself a breakfast smoothie yesterday.

Now simply put the reason there is no picture is that I was starving I’d been up for a couple of hours, I’d been to the gym and by the time I got to this I was about to run out the door to look after little E and I was in desperate need of something filling, quick and easy. This fit the bill!

Banana Passionfruit Soy Smoothie

1/4 cup passionfruit pulp
1 medium banana chopped roughly
1 cup soy milk

Strain passionfruit pump through a sieve into a small bowl, reserving liquid and seeds.
Blend passionfruit liquid, banana and milk until smooth. Pour into a large glass, stir in reserved seeds and serve