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Egg & Cocoa

July 17, 2010

Short and sweet entry

I discovered some Van Houten cocoa at a local speciality store, which was I was quite excited about. It’s local and easy to access! And for those of you who don’t know C.J. VAN HOUTEN invented the process of manufacturing cocoa, in Amsterdam in 1828. This resulted in Van Houten’s cocoa and chocolate powders (and just cocoa in general) conquering the hearts of thousands of chocolate lovers around the world!

Further in my excitement of cooking and baking and what not this week I decided to give poaching an egg a go. What’s that I hear you ask? poaching an egg? but isn’t that easy! well I’d always done it in an egg poacher, but I wanted to give it a go in a pot! and I did! and it worked! I was very excited – silly I know, but its a basic cooking skill I now know I have.