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Satay Chicken

January 14, 2010

The January 2010 DC challenge was hosted by Cuppy of Cuppylicious and she chose a delicious Thai-inspired recipe for Pork Satay from the book 1000 Recipes by Martha Day.

And let me tell you it was delicious! It was highly amusing for me to see this be the challenge for the month. Because the day before it was revealed my family went and purchased some local takeaway and that takeaway included a beef satay. Which they felt whilst nice, was not “right” it didn’t hit the spot and they requested that I find a recipe to find that right spot! So I had in essence already been set a challenge by my family. So cue the next day and I log on eagerly to see what the Daring Kitchen had in store for me. And voila! How fortuitous!

Now I waited patiently to actually try it out on them, I wasn’t going to start it straight away, not with all the indulging they were to do in a few days, I thought it was worthwhile making them wait until after Christmas and they’d settled back into “normal” foods and make this a little treat.

I did a chicken version instead of a pork, because I was also feeding my grandma who (if you’ve read previous posts) is a ‘vegetarian’ and whilst I considered a tofu option, the Husband would’ve protested and I didn’t fancy doing multiple this time around so I just went with chicken.

I did the long version and marinated the chicken for about 9 hours and did add a bit of chilli and fish sauce but not too much chilli because whilst I wanted a little bit of a kick, I didn’t want it to knock out the grandma who has a sensitive palate!

I also – did not put them on skewers, I know the recipe called for this, but if there is one cooking thing I’m bad with, it’s skewers. I never use them, I can’t do it – I find it frustrating to threat on meat to a stick, just to have people pull it off. I know it looks “cool” but I can present on a plate nicely without them (or at least I think so!)
Verdict? It was perfect! They said it hit that spot and the flavour depth and quality was just the right amount of nuttiness. I also served it with a soba noodle with vegetable mix because of the grandmother’s dietary requirements.

The only thing that the family said to me upon eat it, was that they wished there was a bit more of the sauce to go about. I think that is just a bit of a habitual thing for this family, being used to copious amounts of sauce on things that have a sauce. Rather than a true reflection of the cuisine. Having said that though, part of what I love and enjoy about cooking is the opportunities to take a cuisine and adapt it to suit the tastes of my family as well – so I guess I would be being true to my passion by giving them that extra sauce?